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Making the Switch to Artifical Turf

Posted on October 21, 2016

Artificial Turf is one of the largest growth areas in the Landscaping industry, if you'll pardon the pun! We're often asked to quote for artificially turfed areas in gardens where owners are looking for smart, attractive but low maintenance options.

Here's our guide to planning and choosing the right artificial turf for you...

As with many garden and landscaping products there are many types, styles and qualities of artificial turf and what might be right for your neighbor may not be ideal for you.

The solution is getting the best blend of look, function and cost to best suit your space and your budget. Always try and go for the best quality that your budget will allow for as artificial turf is a longer term investment.

1. Try before you Buy

  • Ask suppliers for free samples in the post. We can advise you on the suppliers we regularly use when you get in touch for an artificial turf installation quote.  When you get the samples make sure you stand on them with bare feet – good quality artificial grass should have a soft, non-abrasive texture.
  • Make sure you check all the costs including the delivery charges and confirm what guarantee is provided for the product.
  • Think about how your garden is used. Do you play sport or is it just for relaxing and pottering? This will impact on the type of artificial grass you choose. 

2. Check the Quality

  • The artificial grass you select should be soft and have a good, realistic look and feel.
  • There should be a high blade density with no bare patches.
  • A latex backing with holes for drainage is essential.

3. Before you Commit to a Supplier and Fitter

  • Make sure you ask to see examples of recent artificial turf installations.
  • Ascertain whether additional ground work is required and get costs.
  • Make sure you are clear on the installation process and are aware of any after-care requirements.

4. Choosing The Right Product

  • The most expensive product may not automatically be the best for you. You need to ascertain what you need vs your budget and go for the best you can afford.

Types of Artificial Grass

Economy Lawns

  • Often single toned and short pile they can be half the price of the premium ranges
  • Ideal for high traffic gardens where you play sports and there are pets
  • Easy to keep clean

Mid-Range Lawns

  • Softer than the economy version and look much more real from a distance.
  • Can be multi-tone and slightly higher thicker pile to improve look and feel. 

Premium Lawns

  • Far softer with longer pile heights often over 30mm per blade
  • Child friendly surface
  • Looks very realistic from a short distance

If you are in any doubt about choosing your artificial grass or wondering whether the product is right for you and your garden just give us a call on 01626 773499 and we can arrange a meeting for you with Richard, our Landscaping Manager to chat through ideas and options.