November Jobs Blog

Garden Jobs for November/December

Posted on November 24, 2017

As the autumn draws to a close there are plenty of jobs to do in the garden to prepare for winter. Try these simple tips...

Tidy borders, cut down herbaceous stems and clear remains of annuals. This is a good time to clear out your greenhouse, oil your tools and throw away anything that is beyond repair. Start preparing your soil for next year, as well as draining and lagging standpipes. This will save you any expense later. Other jobs you can be doing in November & December are....

Roast Chestnuts
Pick up sweet chestnuts to roast. Don’t confuse them with horse chestnuts (conkers), which are inedible – the ones you want are covered in fine, hedgehog-like spines and the nuts look slightly flattened with a tuft at one end. Make a small slit in the shell before roasting or they might explode!  

Grow Grass
Most grasses tolerate a little healthy neglect. Unfussy about soil type, most prefer a sunny, well-drained position. In heavier soils, add gravel to the bottom of the planting hole, topping up with compost. Deciduous varieties need their skeletal stems and flower heads cut back in early spring when new growth appears.  

Refresh your Borders
Now’s the time to dig out your perennials and rearrange them. Making sure not to let the roots dry, lift out the perennials and place them on newspaper on the lawn. Then rearrange the plants, mimicking how they’ll be positioned in the border, taking care that taller plants stay near the back. Weed the border as you go and lift any self-sown seedlings, replanting if you wish. Finally, add a layer of mulch, bark or rotted organic matter to feed the soil and suppress weeds.  

Sow Onion sets to harvest next summer
Mound up a 5cm-high row of soil – this helps drainage and prevents rot. Push each bulb in, root first, leaving the tip visible. Cover with soil, firm down and water. Suspend CD's from canes above them to deter birds.

Plant your Tulips
The ground should be cool enough to plant tulips over the next few weeks. Try to avoid planting after a heavy frost or in waterlogged areas of the garden. 

Prune your Fruit Trees
You can start to prune your apple trees and pear trees as soon as they become dormant. Give us a call on 01626 773499 to book a quote as soon as possible. Leave plum and cherry trees until next summer as winter pruning leaves them susceptible to disease, such as silver leaf.

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