Heritage Landscaping in Devon

Posted on October 24, 2017

It's a privilege to live in an area with a distinct and iconic landscape. From the moors to the coast the landscape has been shaped through thousands of years by our predecessors who have honed it into a place not just to live in but to love.

To improve or simply maintain such a landscape is a challenge which suffers from a serious lack of traditional skills and knowledge. Together with the modern phenomena of nationwide garden 'fashion', the risk of losing those features which all add up into creating the landscape we love so much is an acute problem.

Teign Trees and Landscapes has the skills and knowledge within its teams to be able to not only restore garden or landscape heritage features but to construct them also. Using local, natural products, which are essential in ensuring the authenticity needed.

From dry-stone walling and the construction of walls using local stone through to the building of bespoke structures in local styles, all work can be guaranteed to sit within the landscape allowing the design of the immediate surroundings of your property to blend into the wider landscape. Indeed often planning constraints dictate the use of local materials and construction with attention to local architectural styles.

Dry-stone walling; whilst not considered synonymous in the South Devon landscape dry-stone retention walls form the base of the majority of hedgerows in the area and there are as many miles of dry-stone walling as can be found in Cornwall. These structures are built low and wide to enable intensive planting and act as slow drainage units, indeed they were built for such a purpose long before their current use as boundaries, helping to prevent localised flooding in winter and drought in summer.

As the geology changes so does the style of the walls to accommodate the local stone. Many of these structures were traditionally built communally, often by the women which also gave the walls unique styles parish by parish, sometimes even farm by farm.

Retention walls have to be free draining. It's a modern common problem that retaining walls 'dam up' water behind the structure which eventually leads to failure. Dry-stone is free draining by default.

Teign Trees & Landscapes can create a wall, which whilst in tune with the local landscape, is also 'bespoke' - adding details towards a unique wall. Habitats for a whole range of beneficial animals can easily be incorporated inside the structure; hedgehog runs, toad holes, slow worm tunnels, solitary bee holes and bee boles.

We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION landscaping quote and our garden design team will take your ideas and aspirations and turn them into reality for you.

First of all our Landscaping Manager Richard will pop and see you and talk through exactly what you’d like to create in your garden, he will offer ideas and suggestions to compliment the garden design plans you have. Next we’ll provide a FREE written estimate detailing the work and if it helps we can break it down into individual projects with separate garden design quotes.

We’ll give you an idea of how long the project/s will take and then you can decide whether/when you’d like to go ahead. We aim to keep the whole process as simple and trouble free for you as possible.