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Posted on July 11, 2018

You already know that we work extensively across Devon on a range of beautiful domestic landscaping projects but did you also know that we offer a huge range of Green Space Management Services for Commercial Clients too?

Some of our recent commercial landscaping projects have been particularly interesting and forward thinking so we thought we’d take a moment to explore one particular one in more detail.

‘Edible’ Planters in Totnes…

We’ve been involved in a variety of landscaping projects that are part of on-going flood defence work in Totnes, South Devon. We’ve cleared ground, planted trees and installed turfed areas but the most interesting mini-project has been the design, creation and installation of an extensive network of planters that all feature edible plants, herbs and fruits for the benefit of the local residents.

As part of our commitment to the project we’ve been taking care of the plants and keeping them watered while they establish themselves, then very shortly they’ll be handed over to the community to care for.

We absolutely love this concept of community focused planting, that not only offers a supply of fresh herbs and seasonal fruits to people living locally but also encourages people to get involved and get gardening.

We all know that getting out in nature and gardening has huge positive effects on mood and mental and physical health, so the more initiatives like this the better we say!

We work with a huge number of different types of commercial clients across many sectors like Business and Retail Parks, Superstores, Public Parks, Schools, Councils and Local Government, Hospital Trusts, Charities, Zoos and Heritage properties among others.

When they ask for our thoughts and recommendations on future projects we’ll look to the examples in Totnes and will encourage organisations to consider planting that has multiple purposes – that not only looks beautiful but is also useful and interactive.

Providing resident focused edible planting can be a small step in tackling lots of different issues in one go like mental health, healthy eating and minimising food waste.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your commercial or community focused landscaping scheme give us a call on 01626 773499 or take a look at our website.