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Posted on January 17, 2018

Before you speak to a local landscaping company, like us, take a look at the following guidelines and start to create a picture of what you’d like to achieve, or contact us straight away, either by calling 01626 773499 or email we can come out, take a look and give you some inspiration, if you need it. We can then work with you to turn your ideas into reality.

Embarking on a landscaping project in your garden can feel overwhelming even if it’s a relatively small or simple project. The main problem is that often there are so many options to choose from – Paved Patio or Decking?  Turf or Raised Beds?  Seating Area or Water Feature?


Take time to sit in the space that you want to renovate and imagine all the possibilities. This is really as simple as making time to take a cup of tea into the garden and sitting for half an hour thinking about the different options you have for using your garden. Take a notepad with you and jot down some ideas. The best garden designs come from revealing the best in the existing area and by really observing you’ll see what already works well and which areas need help to flourish.


Lists make everything easier, especially garden makeovers. Write down your list of needs and wants. Do you need a space for a children’s play area, or want a sunny spot for dining alfresco? Prioritising the NEEDS over some of the WANTS will help you to refine your ideas and create a garden that is multi-functional but not chaotic and messy. And remember some ideas can be adaptable so you don’t always have to compromise, a sunken sandpit can be re-purposed into attractive fire-pit in a few years’ time.


Have a look at the sun and wind patterns in your garden and think about working with them to achieve the best results. Do you know that one area of the garden acts like a natural wind tunnel? If so this probably isn’t the best spot for a built in BBQ or fire-pit! Is there an area that catches the sun all day? Would you like your outdoor eating area here or will you be too hot in direct sunshine? Thinking about all these little things and chatting them through with a landscape designer can help to perfect the garden design ideas you already have.


Using your thoughts and inspirations from the steps above, start to draw out your garden ideas on paper. It doesn’t have to be to scale or very detailed but it will help you start to imagine what the final result will look like and also might flag up any potential issues.

The next thing to do, if you haven't already, is to give us a call! We offer a FREE Initial Garden Design Consultation backed up with a NO OBLIGATION Landscaping Quote.

Our Landscaping Manager Richard will come out and talk through exactly what you’d like to create in your garden. He will offer ideas and suggestions to compliment the garden design plans you have. Next we’ll provide a FREE written estimate detailing the work and if it helps we can break it down into individual projects with separate garden design quotes. Then when you are happy our Garden Design Team will turn your ideas and aspirations into reality.

We’ll give you an idea of how long the project/s will take and then you can decide whether/when you’d like to go ahead. We aim to keep the whole process as simple and trouble free for you as possible. Any questions please contact us as soon as possible by telephone 01626 773499 or email