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Living Green Walls, your questions answered

Posted on May 10, 2018

The Teign Trees team have put together a guide that will introduce you to these beautiful structures of greenery by answering the most common questions we are asked. Before you know it, you’ll be boring your friends, colleagues and boss as much as we do!

What are Living Green Walls? They are panels of plants, grown vertically on structures that can be attached to walls, fences, sheds anything really. Living Green Walls are also referred to as vertical gardens, green walls, living walls or ecowalls.
What are they made of? Living Green Walls are predominantly plants inserted into pockets or pots (we mainly use material with pockets) which are then placed on the wall/fences to provide a fantastic feature for even the smallest of spaces.
How do green walls work? Green walls are built with a skeletal structure that is hung with sections containing the plants and flowers that will make up the Green Wall. As for the way the green wall functions itself, a lot depends on the type of Green wall system installed. Here at Teign Trees & Landscapes we prefer a material, pocket system which is flexible and can be easily cut to size. We have them available to order or we can come and quote to install one for you. By using the walls and extending upwards, the plants, providing the maximum benefit, are installed without reducing space on the floor.
How do Green/Living Walls Help the Environment? Green walls help the environment in the same ways that plants help the environment. Plants help clean the air. They help reduce noise pollution because they have noise reduction capabilities. They reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in the air and filter out pollutants by breathing them in and then exchanging them for clean, fresh, clear oxygen.
What type of plants can be used in a Living/Green Wall? Pretty much anything, obviously some will be better suited than others but depending on the location of your wall the following should florish: Ferns, Hardy Succulents, Herbs, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Fuchsia, Lobelia, Lettuce etc etc
Can Living Walls be used for growing food? In short yes. Some specifically designed for herbs and vegetables this can be a great solution to growing food in small spaces.
Are Living Walls Expensive? Our Landscapers can install a Pocket System Living Wall from around £50 obviously they are the costs of the plants to think about so either we can source these and plant them for you or you can do this yourselves.
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