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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted on March 23, 2020

COROVANVIRUS (COVID-19) - Current Operational Position

How will Coronavirus affect us all here at Teign Trees & Landscapes SW Ltd?

Health and Safety has always been at the forefront of our business for over 26 years and we are therefore well placed to tackle the challenges Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents us all. We have put extra measures in place to keep our teams safely and efficiently working for our commercial & private customers, all of whom are very important to us.

Teign Trees Head Office Team

  • All staff will be working remotely from Wednesday 18th March until further notice
  • With the technology we have in place we anticipate that you shouldn't notice any significant contact difference, all phone calls and emails will be answered as normal
  • We are continuing to offer FREE No Obligation Quotes for work you require and we are happy to discuss all your requirements over the phone, or via email to cease any face to face contact
  • We can use tele and video conferencing to provide an alternative to physical meetings

Teign Trees Tree & Landscape Teams

  • Each team work in sanitised vehicles with sanitised tools to avoid any cross contamination, greatly reducing the risk of infection to our staff & customers
  • Extra measures have been put in place to stagger morning roll outs & returns at the end of the day to avoid social contact
  • All teams have been issued with the relevant P.P.E. equipment to carry out regular wipe downs of vehicles, tools and equipment throughout the day plus regular hand washing/sanitising
  • When arriving onsite there is no need for face to face contact, Staff have been briefed on the job in hand. If you do need to speak to staff, they are all aware of distancing etc. Our Office staff will invoice you via email or post to prevent contact.
  • Our Staff work outdoors and therefore rarely come into direct contact with members of the public or other workers
  • We have serviced all vehicles and equipment to minimise down time
  • All vehicles are fuelled to maximum to prevent multiple visits to the fuel station
  • All staff must sanitise before and after fuelling vehicles

What is Coronavirus COVID-19 and how does it spread?

Coronavirus COVID-19 was first detected in the Wuhan district of China in December of last year. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that range in symptoms from a mild cold to severe respiratory infection. Most people will be able to fight this virus without too much concern but the people we need to protect are those with underlying medical conditions and/or the elderly.

The best ways to try prevent the spread of this virus is are:

  • WASH HANDS for at least 20 seconds with soap & water, before & after leaving the house & immediately on return
  • use HAND SANITISER gel if you are not near hand washing facilities
  • If you COUGH OR SNEEZE please make sure you COVER YOUR MOUTH with a tissue or your sleeve (NOT YOUR HANDS)
  • Make sure you put ALL USED TISSUES IN A BIN immediately & WASH YOUR HANDS straight away
  • Head over to the NHS dedicated Coronavirus COVID-19 pages for more information on prevention & what to do if you suspect you might have been in contact with someone.

What are symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19?

  • HIGH TEMPERATURE – If you feel hot to touch on your CHEST or BACK (you don't necessarily need to take your temperature)
  • Have a NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH – if you are coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

DO NOT go to your GP surgery, Pharmacy or Hospital if you have any of the above symptoms. Please use the 111 ONLINE CORONAVIRUS SERVICE to find out what to do.

How long to stay home for:

  • If you have any of the symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19 you MUST stay at home for 7 DAYS
  • If you live with someone who has symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19, you MUST to stay at home for 14 DAYS from the day the first person in the home started having symptoms
  • If you can find somewhere else to live for 14 days if you currently live with someone who is 70 or over, has a long-term condition, is pregnant or has a weakened immune system. If you can't try & stay away from each other as much as possible.

Please make sure you follow advice given by the NHS or the Government, not what you read on Social Media.

These are very difficult and uncertain times for everyone; we would ask for a little patience and understanding as we adapt to the set of circumstances we now face.

If you have any queries, please contact Teign Trees HQ either via email: hello@teigntrees.co.uk, our website: www.teigntrees.co.uk, by telephone: 01626 773499 or through our Facebook page @teigntrees.

We will regularly update our social media channels to keep you informed of further developments.

For more information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please head to the government info pages or the NHS Coronavirus COVID-19 page.

Best wishes and please everyone stay safe & sanitised!

Paul, Clare & all the Team at Teign Trees & Landscapes SW Ltd