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Why Do Trees Fall In Storms?

Posted onJanuary 10, 2024

Yes ok, that sounds like a question with a very obvious answer. But there's more at play than just a big gust of wind blowing them over. Trees often succumb to the ferocity of storms, have you ever wondered why these seemingly sturdy structures collapse during turbulent weather?

There are several reasons behind this natural phenomenon, and one significant factor lies in the combination of increased rainfall, runoff permeation, and the compromised state of the trees.

During heavy rainfall, the soil surrounding trees becomes saturated, leading to increased runoff. This excess water penetrates the root structure, weakening the tree's stability. As if this weren't enough, when strong winds add their force to the equation, it significantly raises the likelihood of trees toppling over.

Moreover, tree disease and decay can play a large factor. Particularly the widespread infection of Ash Dieback has added another layer of vulnerability to the UK's Ash trees. Ash Dieback, a fungal disease affecting ash trees, weakens their structural integrity. As a result, these trees become more susceptible to failure during storms. Sadly, for many of these already compromised trees, the force of the storms becomes the final straw, leading to their potential failure.

The combination of increased rainfall, weakened root structures, and the added wind loading significantly increases the chances of trees failing during storms. While trees falling during inclement weather might seem inevitable, it emphasises the importance of proactive measures such as regular tree inspections, appropriate maintenance, and managing diseases like Ash Dieback to minimise the risk posed by severe weather conditions.

As we admire nature around us, it's crucial to understand the delicate balance between its elements. By appreciating these aspects, we can also take steps to protect and preserve our beloved trees in the face of adversity.

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