Log Services

We sell and deliver seasoned logs for wood fires and log burners. We offer a range of order sizes because we know that not everyone can store an entire winter's worth of logs. Our logs are prepared in a log splitter and are usually between 6-10 inches in length and we have found that they fit most standard log burners. If you require any additional information about our logs please call the office team on 01626 773499.


  • Half Pick-up Load (approx 1 x 'dumpy' sack in volume) £60
  • Full Pick-up Load (approx 2 x 'dumpy' sacks in volume) £90
  • Heaped Pick-up Load (approx 3 x 'dumpy' sacks in volume) £120

Free Delivery in a 5 Mile Radius of Teign Trees HQ, £5 delivery charge within a 10 Mile Radius



We sell and deliver excellent quality woodchip ideal for composting & mulching, garden pathways and outdoor areas. We also support our local community by donating woodchip to local schools, volunteer groups and animal charities. If you are interested in buying woodchip or requesting a donation of woodchip on behalf of a non-profit organisation, please get in touch with the Teign Trees and Landscapes Team.


We are a friendly, reliable and above all professional Tree Surgery and Garden Landscaping company based in beautiful Teignmouth, South Devon. We only employ experienced and fully qualified Tree Surgeons, Ground Staff and Landscapers. We pride ourselves on our reputation, our dedication to our customers and the fact that our tree surgery and landscaping services are sensibly priced and undertaken with minimal disruption to you and your surroundings.

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