Devon Dormouse Rehoming


It was a real pleasure working alongside your conscientious team. They were very proactive, listened to what we needed and accommodating of those needs. They had a clear passion for wildlife and sensitive working practices.

Seasons Ecology,Devon

The Tree team were asked to undertake an essential verge clearance project along the A361 near Tiverton in Devon. This was a huge project requiring tight scheduling, traffic management and logistical planning. As part of the work they collaborated with Hannah Maben and Kate Hayward of Seasons Ecology who had been commissioned to provide Ecology guidance for the project - ensuring that local wildlife was protected and migrated to allocated nesting sites away from the verge clearance. Hannah and Kate put temporary survey boxes in place and monitored them for nesting and hibernating dormice for a period of 8 months prior to the project and also created and installed permanent wooden nesting boxes at the new site.

As part of the clearance project and the ecology guidance the Tree team were asked to leave stumps of approximately 30cms high to provide cover for wildlife from aerial predators. These stumps will remain for several months to allow wildlife to move to the new nesting areas and our team will then complete the project with stump grinding and ground preparation.