Large uprooted Cedar


Thank you so much Phil for what was a brilliant piece of work. We are still recovering from the trauma of a 70 foot tree landing on our house in the dead of night, but what you and your team did was a brilliant contribution to our ability to cope with it all. Your planning of the operation was creative and meticulous and the operation was carried through in a very orderly, gentle and organised manner. -Even the chainsaws seemed to have silencers because what they were doing was so positive. We were encouraged and uplifted to some degree in all the chaos and devastation as we watched the beginning of order coming out of disaster. You were right to send us away from the site while you did the impossible with the main stem. However, If you did happen to video this operation we would now be very glad to see it now please. Through this speedy operation Your team were impressively understanding and their calmness, smiling courtesy and understanding helped us enormously in coping with what could so easily have been a fatal event. We were sorry that we were in no state at the time to thank them as we would have wished. Please tell Paul and his team that they did more than shift an impossible tree. They did a great deal in the way they went about their work to help two victims through their bewilderment. Best wishes, M

Mr L-L, Torquay

We received a call out to an emergency where a huge Cedar had uprooted and become lodged on the adjacent property, the top snapped out into the neighbours garden and wedged onto the conservatory. Our teams set about removing the snapped head from over conservatory & the main stem from the property and all other cut material from the neighbours garden