Replacement Decking


Firstly I would like to say how pleased I am with the work Sean has done, the decking is beautiful. Also, there were builders at my neighbours & I asked them to look at my roof whilst they were there, they did & said it would cost at least £5k. I was really worried as I could't afford that much & wanted to make sure they were telling the truth! Sean downed tools and went up the ladder to clarify, Sean confirmed what they said is true and that the work does need doing. I am very grateful and as far as I'm concerned he's gone above and beyond, he is a very kind & caring person

Mrs R, Bishopsteignton

A complete decking replacement was required for this lovely customer. All the old, rotten wood had to be removed and replaced, a cupboard was built under the decking for storage and a sleeper wall was put in to replace the old. Mrs R was thrilled with the finish and hard work put in by Sean & his team.