Tree Consultancy and Ecology

Expert advice & guidance, outstanding ecology credentials

At Teign Trees our team of fully insured, highly qualified Tree Consultancy & Ecology experts offer a broad range of services for both commercial & domestic clients. We have a wealth of experience in the practicalities of managing woodlands, native & non-native trees (including veteran trees) as well as the care & protection of a diverse array of wildlife habitats. We pride ourselves on providing clear guidance & solutions to meet a range of budgets.

We can provide:

  • Advice and Guidance on Tree and Hedge Protection
  • Risk Assessments and Detailed Surveys on Tree Conditions
  • Reports for Mortgage Applications and Subsidence Investigations
  • Tree experts who are fully trained, qualified and insured.
  • Wildlife Habitat Surveys and Guidance
  • Coverage of work throughout Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.
  • Close collaboration with local authorities, ecology professionals, architects, planners & construction companies.

Woodland Surveys and Assessments

Our core ethos is the protection and promotion of outdoor and wild spaces and our Ecology, Wildlife and Biodiversity services are in keeping with this guiding principle. We have a long history in ecology services and wildlife care and have advised and worked on numerous projects to this end. From full reporting to habitat creation and re-location we can advise and provide teams to complete all aspects of protection and conservation

  • Improvement and Management plans for Woodland spaces
  • Biodiversity and Ecology assessment and advice
  • Design, Planning and Grant/Funding Applications
  • Disease management
  • Specialisms in veteran trees and ancient woodlands
  • Timber, Coppicing, and Woodland Harvesting


We are a friendly, reliable and above all professional Tree Surgery and Garden Landscaping company based in beautiful Teignmouth, South Devon. We only employ experienced and fully qualified Tree Surgeons, Ground Staff and Landscapers. We pride ourselves on our reputation, our dedication to our customers and the fact that our tree surgery and landscaping services are sensibly priced and undertaken with minimal disruption to you and your surroundings.

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